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Our Approach & What We Offer


Community Links follows the “choose-get-keep” model which helps participants make choices about their path for education and training, get the right opportunities and resources, and keep their status as students until they achieve their goals.


We support students in using and developing their innate talents and abilities and help students build new skills and connect to needed resources.


Our services are mobile, flexible and tailored to each individual's need and based on the person's own desires and choices.


What We Offer:

Career planning including vocational assessment, career exploration, Educational Goal Plan Planning, school selection, course selection, support, and counseling.


Academic survival skills development including information about college and training programs, disability rights and resources, school readiness development, tutoring and mentoring services, time and stress management, and social supports.


Direct assistance including help with enrollment, TASC/GED programs,financial aid, education debt, and alternative funding.


Outreach including contact with campus resources, disability services, wellness supports, and other agencies such as vocational supports.


Systems Advocacy to challenge stigma and discrimination through raising awareness about disability rights and advocating for students experiencing discrimination in education settings.


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