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Our Mission

Community Links is a Supported Education (SEd) service which assists individuals living with mental health conditions in pursuing education goals and successfully completing

TASC/GED, college, certification,licensing,

or vocational degrees.

Community Links supports participants in realizing their full potential through educational achievements which promote independence and improve long-term work opportunities.

We believe..

that people living with mental or emotional health challenges deserve equal access to education opportunities as well as access to the resources they need in order to reach their educational goals. We work with students to access these opportunities that will empower individuals to lead independent and fulfilling lives, both financially and personally.


We are a trauma-informed program, which recognizes the widespread impact of trauma and seeks to resist 

re-traumatization by practicing transparency, sensitivity, and ensuring that each participant has voice and choice in every aspect of service.


Community Links counselors and management is made up of people with lived experience who have survived and thrived through their own mental health and education experiences, and use this shared experience to inform their work and connect with students


Empowerment through Education

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