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Supported Education Counselors are able to meet students within their communities and on college campuses. They can also accompany students to essential appointments needed to succeed in their educational goals.



Pursuing and attending school can be a very busy time in a student's life; Supported Education Counselors can meet a student outside of normal business hours to accomodate their scheduling needs.


 Supported Education Counselors will work with students based on each individual's need, personal desires and choices. 


TASC Services

Post-Secondary Readiness

Accessing Post-Secondary Programs


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Supported Education Counselors will support students interested in taking TASC by assisting them to identify their needs and choose the best program or school to meet those needs. Counselors will provide direct support in applying and entering into TASC programs. Counselors help students develop skills and resources to ensure their success.

Supported Education counselors will assess students for their interests, strengths, and barriers. They will work with students on career planning in order to identify areas of study and the fitting college, or training program, for each individual's career goals. They will also support students in developing skills and accessing resources in order to become prepared for higher education pursuits.

Supported Education Counselors will directly provide support in choosing, applying and enrolling in college and vocational training programs. Counselors will also assist in   navigating admission processes and course selections.

General Skills Development

Academic Skills Development

Financing Education

Supported Education Counselors will assist in developing skills necessary to be successful.


This will include time management skills, social skills, travel skills and organizational skills. 

*This list does not include all skills

Supported Education Counselors will assist in developing skills necessary to be successful in academic settings.


This will include academic skills assessment, study skills, writing skills and research skills.

*This list does not include all skills

Supported Education Couselors will work with students by exploring and discussing ways to pay for their college or vocational program of choice. Counselors will assist in applying for Financial aid, scholarships and grants. They can also assist in navigating student loan options, including deferment and payment plans. 

Accessing Campus Resources

Mediation and Advocacy

Wellness and Self-care

Supported Education Counselors will work with students to identify supports and activities offered on campus to succeed in their educational goals. Some resources that may be accessed include Office of Disability Services, tutoring, remediation, clubs/social activities and on campus health clinics. 

Supported Education Counselors will advocate with students during processes; such as academic appeals and to enhance communications with school faculty to include admintrators and professors. 

Supported Education Counselors will work with students within the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. Counselors are able to discuss different aspects of practicing self-care as they pertain to the the dimensions and will challenge stigma and discrimintation by promoting wellness on campus.

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Community Links Supported Education Counselors are in the office and available most weekdays.


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